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The Sugar Baby Confessionals

Nov 11, 2019


“I never had a problem meeting women in my whole life. I’m not being modest…I had matchmakers telling me ‘hey, you’re a Beverly hills producer who comes from a great family and is intelligent, handsome…let me set you up’. But I didn’t want that, I wasn’t ready for that.” – David

Our 2018 British Podcast Award winning season 1: The Sugar Baby Confessionals, has caught the attention of David, a real life Hollywood film producer… and also sugar daddy. Over the course of two bonus episodes, Ruby and Sara-Mae interview David about the LA sugar dating scene, mental health issues, the Harvey Weinstein effect, #MeToo movement and much more.

To get a fuller understanding, binge season 1 to hear Ruby’s story, in which producer Sara-Mae interviews her married BFF about her sugar dating adventures. Shocked about her BFFs choice to embrace an extremely alternative lifestyle, she follows her candid, sexy journey for two years - with all the ups and downs that come with it.

But where is Ruby now? And what is the tragic link she and David share?

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