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The Sugar Baby Confessionals

Jul 22, 2019

Help us raise the money to complete Fable Gazers season 2, which takes a deep dive into the life and work of Georgette Heyer, plus a book club, a cinematic investigation and amazing guests like Stephen Fry, Joanne Harris, Mary Jo Putney and more. 

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Music provided, with kind permission from Jerome Alexander of Message to Bears and Danny Green of Laish. Original theme tune composed by Sara-Mae Tuson and Tom Chadd.

Featured guests include:

Stephen Fry, biographer Jennifer Kloester, best-selling author Joanne Harris, film producer Andy Paterson, literary agent for Heyer's estate, Peter Buckman. Also Geraldine Elliot, Jaclyn Greenstock, Aidan Truss, Jane Keehn and her book club.