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The Sugar Baby Confessionals


We produce well-researched and crafted narrative podcasts, with our own special twist. We build stories we love, with an edge and sense of fun – packed full of intriguing insights, original music, heart-rending life choices, cinematic and literary mysteries, and more. Sara-Mae Tuson  is the Senior Producer, and Beth Keehn, Mike Scott, Geraldine Elliot and Katherine Hofmeyr all help to make the podcasts as good as possible. 

We're currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help us finish season 2: Heyer Today - featuring Stephen Fry, authors Joanne Harris, Harriet Evans, Emma Darwin, and best selling novelist Mary Jo Putney, amongst others. Support us here

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SEASON 1: - Bronze winner 2018 British Podcast Awards

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals: a candid, sexy podcast

“One way or another, you always pay for sex.”

We’ve all read about it in the glossies – young girls becoming Sugar Babies, swapping cash and gifts for sex, to pay their way through university. Well, what if your best friend – your best, married friend – embraced the sugar baby lifestyle – not by necessity, but by choice? Sara’s best friend, Ruby, did just that. Sexy? Scary? Judge for yourself.

In the Sugar Baby Confessionals, the girl talk gets candid as Sara and Ruby talk about love, sex and life as a Sugar Baby – the pleasures and the pitfalls. You’ll meet Ruby, her friends, her Sugar Daddies and her husband. We reveal all in The Sugar Baby Confessionals.

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"I am highly addicted to this show right now… I just love it.” – Sara DaSilva, Audible Feast


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Heyer Today: a podcast about Georgette Heyer - support our crowdfunder here

“I think myself I ought to be shot for writing such nonsense.”

As a bestselling author, Georgette Heyer hasn’t been out of print since 1921 – so why hasn’t Hollywood snapped up her plots for a big screen franchise?

One major film producer has been trying to get the first major screen adaptation of Heyer’s ‘The Grand Sophy’ made for years, but what’s been standing in the way? We’ll investigate the difficulties facing film makers when it comes to period work, plus, find out what the uber-Heyerites think of Sophy’s choice.

Discover what Hollywood producers, Australian biographers, British national treasures and worldwide readers think about Heyer’s popularity and lack of success on the screen. And join super-fans and newbies as they discover and discuss some of the top-selling novels of our time – in Heyer Today.

Highlights include: