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The Sugar Baby Confessionals

Nov 18, 2019

“The potential for abuse, and the level of darkness on the [sugar dating] website(s) is much greater than you guys have seen.” – David

In part II of our bonus episodes featuring Hollywood film producer, David, we talk about effect of the #MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein, feminism, sex work and much more. Plus,...

Nov 11, 2019


“I never had a problem meeting women in my whole life. I’m not being modest…I had matchmakers telling me ‘hey, you’re a Beverly hills producer who comes from a great family and is intelligent, handsome…let me set you up’. But I didn’t want that, I wasn’t ready for that.” – David

Our 2018 British...

Jul 22, 2019

Help us raise the money to complete Fable Gazers season 2, which takes a deep dive into the life and work of Georgette Heyer, plus a book club, a cinematic investigation and amazing guests like Stephen Fry, Joanne Harris, Mary Jo Putney and more. 

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The Sugar Baby Confessionals is nominated for the 2019 British Podcast Awards!

Apr 9, 2019


You mean to say The Sugar Baby Confessionals, season 1, our very first foray into the world we love, has been nominated in the ‘Best Sex & Relationships‘ category?

Yes. Yes indeed.

And take a look at the PHENOMENAL company we’re in:

List of nominees

*Gravestone reads: ‘DIED CONTENT’*

But, if you’d like...